Quick Crystal Info

A Quick Crystal Info Guide

Simplified explanations of each and every crystal type. 

Crystals are used as reminders to live, think, and act in specific ways. By strategically placing them around the places you frequent the most often, you are able to send little signals to your brain to keep you on track. 

For example, placing a bit of Blue Apatite by the fridge will remind you to stick to your diet. Every time you see that beautiful blue, your brain will go "Oh yeah, don't eat garbage," until the thought and action becomes second nature to you. Pretty soon, you'll form a habit, you'll be eating healthy, and it will all be thanks to a pretty little reminder in crystal form. 

Happy Learning! <3

Stephen Butler


Alunite (also called Angel Wing) balances the feminine yin and masculine yang energies within you. It is a heart-root connection stone which allows you to feel safe while expressing your true thoughts. Often times we worry about being judged. Alunite is here to wash away that fear and help you grow creatively into your truest form.


Think of an online gambler who knows that their habits are destructive. That is a perfect example of someone in need of amazonite. It helps bring difficult truths to the surface while simultaneously calming you down. On the flip side, it is also a gambling/success stone… so maybe hitting up the online slot machines isn’t the worst idea?


Amethyst is used to counteract fear, anxiety, alcoholism, addictions, guilt, self-deception, and stress. It has no negative side effects. It also has POWERFUL sleep-inducing effects. It prevents nightmares and insomnia, and uses its vibrational energy to send calming waves into your third-eye chakra, helping you to sleep peacefully and deeply for hours.


Ametrine is a mixture of the upbeat, positive citrine stone and the sleep-inducing amethyst crystal. This combination allows for a beautiful balance of energy to take place. Use it to put a pep in your step while staying cool, calm, and protected by two of the most powerful crystals on the planet. 


Angelite attracts the attention of the angelic realm and is used by many to find guidance by their guardian angels. A more realistic use of this heavenly crystal is its role in the way you interact with others. Sometimes people can just be the absolute worst. Angelite reminds you to “kill them with kindness” and smile your way through the crap.


Apophyllite is like the energy drink of cleansing crystals. It completely banishes unwanted energies from large spaces and from your entire body in seconds. Linking your mind to the realm of the angels, Apophyllite is used by many experienced Reiki masters as a favorite, powerful tool. 

Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura is gold-coated clear quartz known famously for its stunning blue hue. This crystal works especially well with your throat-chakra to promote confident communication and eloquent speech. It also helps establish positive and calm environments.


Aquamarine cleanses the soul like the ocean salt cleanses the skin; gently and thoroughly. When you are harboring any negative emotions, especially in circumstances involving loved ones, let the gentle vibration of this crystal wash those feelings away like the rolling ocean tides wash away scattered glass.


Aquaprase is one of the only minerals to be discovered in the 21st century. It has waited in the Earth for its moment to shine and is now releasing its stunning beauty and power into the gem-loving community. This stone gives off interesting, exciting vibrations that empower those nearby. Holding the stone is like holding an entire world in your hand, and you are the god. You are in control.


Arfvedsonite is a rare stone that activates your throat and crown chakras to help you with making decisions during times of stress. Rather than allowing the emotions to take over, the flashing power of this moonstone-esque stone guides you towards pushing those feelings down to make it through the current situation using rational thought.

Aura Amethyst

When aura coated, amethyst works overtime to help you kick your bad habits and work toward a healthy future. Like a personal life coach gently coaxing you to give up those addictions and negative emotions, Aura Amethyst can become your best friend for an amazing future.

Aura Quartz

Somewhere over the rainbow is a land of joy, peace, and divine cosmic energy. Covered in platinum, gold, or silver, Aura Quartz is a form of clear quartz and has the same healing and chakra-aligning qualities of this master stone. Get in touch with your angels with this beautiful crystal. 

Aura Rose Quartz

Aura Rose Quartz amplifies the loving energy you possess for yourself. Your body, your mind, your opinions… you are a temple that needs to be worshipped and the best person to to do that worshipping is yourself. Take the time to really care for yourself the way you would an aura crystal, and manifest self-love.

Aura Sakura Agate

Cherry Blossom Agate helps you grow, slowly and gently. When coated in titanium and heated to high temperatures, you get a slightly different stone. Aura Sakura Agate pushes you forward with strength and excitement! It’s a great stone for someone wishing to advance in life without having to wait too long!

Bahia Jasper

We all go through situations which take up way too much of our time and energy. It is during these periods that you should turn to Bahia Jasper. This conglomerate of jaspers pulls you firmly down to the Earth and reminds you of what is important and worth your energy. Block out the nonsense and calm down. 


Barite vibrates at the lowest frequency which activates a meditation-like practice in your mind, freeing you from the chains that bind you to the Earth. By keeping Barite close by, you’ll start to realize who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this lifetime. It’s a stone for those wishing to advance spiritually.


The iridescence of bismuth comes from natural oxidation and makes it one of the most beautiful, naturally-forming minerals in the world. It helps you feel confident in your decisions during times of major change and offers encouragement at all times. 

Black Agate

Black Agate is a stone of protection against the unknown. Gossiping, bitching, and other negative betrayals happening behind your back are hushed. Fear of the dark, the nighttime and loneliness all fall under the category of “unknown,” and are also pushed away. This stone can be used in black magic and nighttime rituals. 

Black Moonstone

Black moonstone, like the new moon, reminds us that every ending is simply a new beginning. It will remind you that we are all particles of energy on our own, never-ending journey. Black moonstone helps us come to terms with death, and can be used to calm and nurture frightened animals. 

Black Obsidian

War, protest, anger, hatred… these are the kind of things from which black obsidian protects you. Obsidian is not a crystal; it is glass which was formed by the fire of volcanoes, and it is because of this creation method that this stone works so well as a protector against other fiery things. Obsidian plates can be used as a scrying mirror; a tradition dating back to the Aztecs. 

Black Tourmaline

Ever get distracted by a bunch of negative things over which you have absolutely no control? Black tourmaline is used to push those distractions out of your mind to clear a path forward and to help you get started on fixing the things over which you DO have control. Prevents reckless decision-making.

Black Tourmaline in Quartz

The most powerful protective stone is black tourmaline in quartz. This stunning crystal packs a punch of “Get out of my way” energy along with soaking up the negativity surrounding you. By thoroughly getting rid of the crap in life, it opens up a gateway of positivity to come flooding into your aura. 


Bloodstone takes on the characteristics of the goddess Gaia, the creator of the Earth, and helps you start and follow-through on projects, while keeping you courageous in the face of all obstacles. In the spirit of Aries, this stone is used when you want to accomplish great things.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite helps make your dreams a reality through the spoken word. If you say, “I can,” then you can. This crystal works directly with the throat chakra to ensure that whatever you say is true to who you are striving to be. It also prevents over-eating cause by stress and helps you stick to your values.

Blue Aragonite

 Blue aragonite is a heart-throat chakra connector, allowing you to understand your emotions more clearly, and express them more patiently to those around you. This stone exudes a soft vibrational healing energy, allowing you to breathe out and breathe in with ease.

Blue Aura Chalcedony

This glittering blue stone activates your throat and third-eye chakras making it a valuable stone for those who need to communicate strong, clear ideas. By calming the mind, this stone allows you to get your point across confidently, making people listen to you and heightening your creativity. 

Blue Aventurine

Blue aventurine is a powerful and calm activator of the upper four chakras: heart, throat, third-eye, and crown. By connecting these energy centers, this crystal allows you to make clear and thoughtful decisions while pushing you toward you spiritual goals. 

Blue Calcite

Politicians lie, banks steal, and people hate each other with little reason. Blue Calcite is here to say “STOP” to all of the nonsense. Hold your crystal, let go of the past, and ask for more fairness for yourself in the future. The calm energy of the blue calcite will aid you. 

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is the mother of all calming crystals. With its translucent blue color, it gently promotes a peaceful and relaxing environment. This is an especially useful stone for households dealing with anger management, constant fighting, and stress. It also helps you to communicate more patiently. 

Blue Fluorite

  You know how superheroes take a few seconds to focus before attacking the enemy? We think “why is he wasting so much time??” But then his focus helps him completely obliterate the opponent. That is the kind of calm and focused intellectual energy given by blue fluorite. It is an intense stone for when you want to think clearly and make concise, informed decisions.

Blue Goldstone

Instead of hiding amongst the crowd, be bold and sparkle like blue sandstone, allowing your valuable thoughts to grace those around you. This stone helps you discover your true worth, and forces you to take a stand for yourself. It is used by people looking for major advancements and success in their career.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is like a radio transmitter; it picks up different frequencies and translates them into healing flows of energy throughout your body. It is a powerful stone that never has to be cleansed and can realign all of your chakras. For communication purposes, blue kyanite opens your mind to better understand others. 

Blue Kyanite with Garnet

Imagine you had the magical power of fire-bending. To control the deadly flames, you must use ALL of your concentration. Once you master your power, you are untouchable. Blue Kyanite with Garnet make an air/fire duo that forms an energetic force field against negativity, laziness, and those wishing to take advantage of you. It also opens your mind to better understand the world and the people around you.

Blue Lace Agate

Life is stressful. Sometimes we just need something to help us breathe through that stress. That is the purpose of blue lace agate. Next time life is causing your shoulders to tense up, gaze into this magical crystal, touch its smooth surface, surround it with lit candles, and repeat to yourself, “I’m doing the best that I can, and that is enough.” 

Blue Sodalite

Have you just sat in a trance, doing nothing for minutes? This is due to your mind not having structure to it. Sodalite gets your thoughts in order which especially helps retirees, laid-off workers, ADD, ADHD, and the rest of us who just need a bit more help with planning our time wisely. 

Blue Topaz

Do you feel things strongly? Blue Topaz is a perfect soothing stone for those who seem to easily absorb the problems of the world. It calms the mind and recharges the sensitive soul. It is also used to help form connections of trust with others, allowing you to feel safe in a crowd.

Botswana Agate

Found only in Botswana, this pink-hued stone activates your root chakra to increase your fortitude in changing climates. At the same time, it also opens your mind to allow these changes to sink in gently, potentially allowing new thoughts to grace your mind in a non-threatening way. 

Brown Agate

This stone is the arachnophobe’s DREAM. It is said to literally ward off spiders. The bands on this stone were formed by slow-moving layers of lava, and reinforce the stone’s protective attributes. It was an ancient talisman of the warrior, as well as a guardian against the Evil Eye in Italy and Persia. Lastly, this colorful stone is used to attract success and wealth

Brown Jasper

Brown jasper is Mother Nature’s crystal and an advocate for a healthier planet. This crystal keeps you grounded emotionally and strengthens your connection to the earth. For anyone attempting spiritual or magical rituals, brown jasper keeps you rooted in the physical world to prevent your mind and spirit from getting lost in the maze that is the spiritual realm

Bumblebee Jasper

Have you ever felt the “call” to do something? Many people live their whole life never truly feeling like they’ve accomplished greatness. Bumblebee Jasper gives you a buzzing in your gut when you find things that are just RIGHT for you. When starting new adventures, this crystal assures you of your choices and builds up your courage.

Caramel Calcite

Caramel Calcite is a stunning, deep form of Honey Calcite that helps form a link between your emotions and your actions. Instead of sitting around feeling sad, this crystal shouts at you to “get up and do something about it!” It’s motivational at times when you need a personal cheerleader. 

Caribbean Calcite

Imagine floating through puffy clouds on the back of a kind, mystical dragon-friend. That’s generally the type of calm, anti-anxiety feeling blue calcite brings to meditation practices. It’s steady vibrational energy activates the throat and third-eye chakras to activate a beautiful connection of communication with your spiritual self. 


Frat boys are renowned for their abundance of silly energy and sexual drive. Carnelian lights a fire in your sacral chakra, giving you boundless amounts of energy along with the follow-through you need to complete your goals. It makes you feel like you can do anything, and gives you confidence when forming interpersonal and sexual relationships. 

Cat's Eye

When you gaze into a Cat’s Eye Stone, you are met with positivity and happiness. These feelings should then be passed on to your neighbors. By offering kindness to those around you, you open yourself up to all sorts of prosperity and luck! Cat’s Eye reminds you to spread that amazing energy everywhere you go. 


Celestite is like a pretty, blue telephone you can use to say “hey” to heaven. The vibrational energy of this crystal travels from the communication center of the throat, up through all chakras until it reaches your etheric chakra responsible for the highest point of your spirituality. People use this stone for contacting spirit guides, astral travel, and dream recall.


Chiron, the centaur from greek mythology, was born of rape and then abandoned. Yet, he became a revered teacher and master of medicine. Charoite reminds you that you control your fate. Even if your background is flawed, that doesn’t mean your future needs to follow suit. Take control. 

Cherry Creek Jasper

Cherry Creek Jasper was found recently in Mainland China. As a jasper, this stone is naturally grounding and provides a calming energy in turbulent situations. It helps you better understand where someone is coming from in an argument and forces you to put yourself in their shoes to see from their point of view.

Chinese Writing Stone

Chinese Writing Rock is named as such due to the similarity in appearance between the feldspar inclusions in the stone and Chinese script. It is said to help activate the akashic records and further your understanding of the meaning of life. It also helps you to understand the lessons life gives you while keeping you stable. Other names: Chrysanthemum or Flower Stone.


Citrine exudes positivity. It is also called the “success stone,” “merchant stone,” and “abundance stone,” for its overwhelming attraction to all things right and good. It also never has to be cleansed. The positive vibes of this stone are so strong, it actually repels negativity, depression, and stress. One extra perk: it prevents nightmares. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can be used  to cleanse your aura and living space. It can be programmed to take on the attributes of any crystal. It is representative of all zodiac signs, planets, and can be cleansed with any element. It is truly a powerful stone and a non-negotiable item in any crystal lover’s collection. 

Cobalto Calcite

Is your past negatively affecting your present? Cobalto Calcite is here to help you let go of the burdens you carry and instead, open you heart to new experiences. It is difficult to allow yourself to be vulnerable, but you must do so if you want to heal and grow. Your next adventure is waiting for you, if you accept it. 

Crackle Quartz

Also called Fire and Ice Quartz, this crystal is a form of Clear Quartz that has been rapidly heated and cooled to form the beautiful cracks within its structure. Because this stone has withstood such drastic changes, it is said to help ward off the negativity that comes with major changes in our lives and is used as an amulet against evil.

Crazy Lace Agate

 Next time life knocks you down, try laughing at the situation rather than crying. You can still release your emotions, but in a positive way. Crazy lace agate, with its ridiculous banding, reminds you that it’s okay if things get a little crazy! Just roll with it and never let those bad events stop you from smiling.

Dali Jasper

We are all lost at one point or another, unsure of our next step in this life. Dali Jasper motivates you to “just GO.” Do things, be interested in everything surrounding you, LEARN. The vibrant shades of red and pure white connect your lower chakras with your crown chakra to form a connection between your actions and your purpose. 

Dalmatian Stone

Have you ever seen a young puppy run around with all of the energy in the world and think to yourself, “I wish I had that kind of energy!” That’s the playfulness, confidence and enjoyment of life that can be found by working with Dalmatian jasper. Channel the puppy within and start living a healthy and inspired life. 

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic formations are created by manganese and iron growing inside of a host stone. The root-like designs of these minerals help you to remember the healing attributes of all crystals with dendrites: fortitude, grounding, and an Earth to sky connection. Use of dendritic stones leads to visions of the Faery Realms and guidance from angels and spirits. 

Desert Rose Selenite

It is said that Desert Rose Selenite was brought to our world by deceased Native American warriors. There is a lightness to this stone that attracts positivity and clarity. When looking for guidance, hold your crystal and trust in your gut feeling. Desert Rose Selenite activates your spirit to find the truth you are seeking.  

Dragon's Blood

Dragon’s Blood harnesses the power of the Earth and ignites your spirit with passion and motivation. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like you can accomplish all of your goals at the same time. You’ll share the confidence of a dragon when going after your dreams. 

Dragon's Eye

If Samantha from Sex and the City was a crystal, she’d be Dragon’s Eye. This stone is a powerhouse of raw sexual drive and self-acceptance. It helps you realize that the human body can have no flaws; we are all individually beautiful. Dragon’s Eye also motivates and pushes you forward. 


Within an enhydro, pockets of water rest, trapped for eternity. This water is the purest form on our planet, free of all impurities. Enhydro healing practices help you reach the purest form of yourself, honing in on the sacred water and connecting you to your spiritual life force as well as the akashic records.

Fire Quartz

This form of quartz, also known as Hematoid Quartz, combines the grounding energy of Hematoid with the unconscious, spiritual mind of Clear Quartz. It acts as a link between your intuition and reason, allowing you to make informed decisions. It also acts as an auric shield, defending you from unwanted distractions. 

Flower (Sakura/Cherry Blossom) Agate

Cherry Blossom Agate has a healing, wholesome energy which reminds you to keep working on yourself; you can always improve and grow, just like a budding flower. This stone is especially useful at times when you need a comforting friend to help you through a difficult period of your life. It is also a stone of entrepreneurial success. 

Fossilized Seashell

Fossils are gifts from the past that can be used in rituals to understand our own past lives, as well as to develop an acceptance of eventual death. If you struggle from a fear of death, try to meditate with your fossil daily, feel the past life on your skin, and remind yourself that though the body decays, the soul never dies.


Fossils are gifts from the past that can be used in rituals to understand our own past lives, as well as to develop an acceptance of eventual death. If you struggle from a fear of death, try to meditate with your fossil daily, feel the past life on your skin, and remind yourself that though the body decays, the soul never dies.


Garnet helps you stand by your personal values and respect yourself. It does this by activating your root chakra responsible for the control you have over the choices you make. This prevents others from taking advantage of you. Garnet also acts as a positive energy shield and combats laziness.

Glowing Jasper

Glowing Jasper is a form of white jasper containing a large quantity of phosphors. This element makes the stone glow in the dark. Metaphysically, white jasper is used to gently bring about new beginnings after periods of depression or loss. 

Gold Sheen Obsidian

     Have you ever had a brilliant idea, but decided NOT to put that idea into action because you were worried about judgement from family, friends, or society? Gold sheen obsidian completely rids you of those feelings, forcing you with its fiery nature to express yourself! It’s a stone of divine masculinity, helping you get in touch with your more assertive side, and can be used in self-discovery scrying.

Golden Healer

Golden Healer occurs when iron gets trapped in the layers of clear quartz. This combination of minerals clears energy blockages and refreshes your soul. It spurs you into action and helps attract wealth and abundance. Like taking a jog, having a massage and sipping an espresso all at the same time. 

Golden Mica

Ever wish you had your own personal life coach to motivate you each day? Golden Mica IS that coach. Its brilliant flakes capture the energy of the sun to bring you positivity, light, and an abundance of a “get to it!” attitude! It’s a fabulous stone for anyone at any point in their healing journey.

Golden Rutile

Also called “Hairs of Venus,” these shimmering gold strands are as powerful as they are beautiful. Golden rutile boosts your strength and willpower, and connects you to your purpose in life. It links you to a divine energy. The best way to think of this crystal is if Aslan of Narnia was within the stone; it holds the strength of the universe within. 

Green Agate

Stop and find the nearest bit of nature; flowers, trees, grass, a bit of dirt… and appreciate it. Green agate brings you back to the roots of the world and helps you slow down, allowing you to take the time to reconnect with nature and form a fresh, calm attitude going forward. 

Green Aventurine

This stone increases your chance of success and financial luck, which is why it is popular amongst gamblers and business owners. Creatively, aventurine stimulates the mind. Emotionally, it calms the heart and reassures the soul. All-in-all, this is the most popular “luck” stone for most crystal users.

Green Fluorite

Keeping green fluorite near you is like only drinking pressed vegetables for the rest of your life: cleansing, energizing, and refreshing… and maybe a little difficult to get used to. This stone uniquely connects the heart to the brain to raise awareness of how you are feeling and WHY you are feeling that way.

Green Goldstone

It’s so easy to tell yourself to “heal,” but so hard to do so. We often ignore the darkness within before trying to see the light. Green Goldstone sparkles with the green of your heart chakra, asking for you to find your way through the darkness surrounding each fleck. Focus on your negative emotions in order to see them more clearly. Do you want these feelings to stay inside? 

Green Jade

     Green jade allows the most wonderful loving energies to come into your life, but only so long as you send that same energy back out into the world. Jade brings about abundance in many forms: financial, spiritual, and entrepreneurial. This crystal also works wonders for dream retention and for warding off nightmares. 

Green Jade Calcite

Green Jade Calcite is a gorgeous and rare mineral from Pakistan that gently activates your heart chakra to help you move past your past. It motivates you to find the beauty and wonder in your own potential and to grow into a healthy, independent person. It is a wonderful stone for business owners and mothers.

Green Moonstone

Working with green moonstone is like sitting in a field of grass on a warm day. You feel a special connection to nature, the magical energy of Gaia streaming through you, and in that moment, you are calm, relaxed, and free. The normal tasks of daily life will feel manageable and you’ll take on the world calmly and with  strength.

Green Opal

Green opal is a soothing stone, especially useful to those getting past trauma from their childhood. It doubles as a motivational crystal for artists who have lost their passion. Try holding green opal in your hand, look around, and see the beauty of the world around you.

Green Rutile

The beautiful Green Tree Python is a non-venomous snake sometimes kept as a pet. This massive creature protects itself with strength, confidence, and a disregard for the opinions of others. This is the energy represented in Green Rutile Quartz. An increased self-worth and a feisty side that won’t kill.. but will bite. 

Green (Strawberry) Quartz

Green Strawberry Quartz activates your heart chakra to amplify your feelings of gratitude toward the positive things in your life. Often, we forget to take the time to appreciate nature and this crystal gets you back in touch with all that the world has to offer. It can also teach patience and compassion. 

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline connects your heart to the heart of the Earth. By activating the magic within this stone and touching the planet below your feet, you allow healthy energy to flow freely through your body. This stone also aids in understanding the souls of plants and can assist anyone looking to switch to a plant based diet. Lastly, it can be programmed to attract financial gain. 

Green Zebra Jasper

Green zebra jasper is a form of serpentine and, like all serpentines, helps you stay motivated in your daily life. This specific crystal works best in the workplace, allowing you to stay focused on tasks and block out distractions. It is also used to boost your optimism in regards to your work. 

Grey (Druzy) Agate

Grey agate embodies the idea of “grey area.” There is rarely a black or white answer for anything, and this stone reminds you to put your ego aside when dealing with others. Take the time to understand where they are coming from before jumping to a conclusion.

Hawk's Eye

Hawk’s Eye (also called Blue Tiger Eye)  is a motivational stone that connects the qualities of your lower chakras with those of your upper chakras. By incorporating this stone into your daily practices, you start to understand the Earth’s energy and your perspective changes. Positivity and luck find their way to you and you start to let go of old behavioral patterns.


Hematite’s magnetic energy literally helps your blood flow which benefits the functioning of your brain. It grounds you and allows you to realign yourself with the physical world. When trying to find answers to the questions haunting your mind, use the reflective surface of hematite for scrying.


Hemimorphite is a communication stone. We’ve all held onto secret feelings of unhappiness or grief, but when is the right time to speak the truth about your darker emotions? Hemimorphite encourages you to “get it off your chest” and helps you get rid of clutter; mentally and in the physical world. 

Honey Calcite

The deep orange of this crystal brightens up your day and encourages you to get up and go. It’s like harnessing the energy of the sun and feeling that warmth spread over your skin, inspiring you to breathe deeply and live freely.  It connects to your third-eye chakra to help put your motivation into organized plans, further assisting in your daily goal-setting.

Honey Onyx

Honey onyx aligns your solar plexus chakra which is responsible for your happiness and energy. It helps you take back control of your being, and say “No” to the negative energy within and around you. Honey onyx is a stone of empowerment and pushes you to be your best self, even when it’s difficult.


Using howlite allows you to call upon your guardian angels and spirits and form a connection to the heavens. It is a symbol of peace in the crystal world and is said to quell even the darkest of demons. It aids in sleep and keeps the world around you light, calm, and serene.

Ibis Jasper

Ibis jasper is the reformation of tiny pieces of stones into one, beautiful crystal. It is self-healed and represents the process you go through whenever life breaks you apart. It is in the overcoming of obstacles that you grow stronger, and these “breakages” become a beautiful part of the new you. 

Indian Agate

Imagine placing yourself in a Buddhist temple, with no distractions, no deadlines, and no worries. Just fresh air and the opportunity to meditate for as long as you want. Such is the energy within Indian agate. It is a stone of hope, calm, tranquility, and gives emotional strength when it is needed. It also helps to attract financial abundance and success. 

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro gently coaxes your spirit guide out into the open and increases the communication abilities between the two of you. Fire signs are led by Dragons, Earth signs by Gnomes, Air signs by Fairies, and Water signs by the Merfolk. 


Iolite (also called Water Sapphire) is a gem-quality form of Cordierite. It was used as a sun-compass for the ancient vikings and continues to offer its guiding principles to us metaphysically. We are trapped by societal norms. It can be difficult to express yourself without fear of judgement. Iolite is used to break free of societal restraints and to overcome the “training” you’ve experienced throughout your life that keeps you trapped in your current “norm.”

Ivory Fruit

 Tagua nuts grow on Tagua palms located in South and Central America. Due to the resemblance to elephant tusk ivory, the material found inside of these nuts is called "Ivory Fruit.” Dating back centuries, this material was used to make carvings and tools before modern day plastics. It is slowly becoming a sustainable alternative to the plastic pandemic AND is an ethical replacement for the sought-after ivory from elephant tusks.


K2 is a rare stone sourced from the snowy peaks of the world’s second largest mountain: K2 in Pakistan. This stone makes you feel like you are drifting through clouds, free from worry but safe in an airy embrace. Use it for lucid dreaming, telepathy, and astral travel.

Kambaba Jasper

Visualize your problems vanishing within the holes of this crystal, and feel the tingling vibration within your chest as your heart chakra releases all of the negativity pushing it down. Breathe. This crystal is a powerful stone to use when we need to let go of our problems. It can also be used for budding entrepreneurs to motivate and help organize new businesses.

Kiwi Jasper

Kiwi jasper looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream and has the same uplifting energy boost that comes with eating fresh mint. It is an invigorating and cleansing stone for your heart chakra and acts as a quick “juice cleanse” for that energy center. Use it during times of stress to clear away those bad vibes.


Labradorite forces you to ask the question, “What else is there?” It pushes you to explore new and exciting destinations.  During times of change, labradorite helps you to speak up and stand up for your values. Legend says that in each stone, the aurora borealis lies trapped, waiting to be released. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is made of three crystals all possessing attributes which, when combined, offer intuitive mastery: Calcite (to clear away distractions), lazurite (to bring in intuitive guidance), and pyrite (to help understand the messages brought to you). Connecting your throat chakra with your third-eye, lapis lazuli helps you to understand yourself and to use that understanding to speak your truth, honestly and clearly. 


Mermaids hold the ancient wisdom of the oceans and are symbols of revitalization and love; two characteristics they share with Larimar. Found only in the Dominican Republic, this rare stone should be used to realize the difference between “need” and “want.” 


Larvikite is often called “Black Moonstone” and contains a smooth, grounding energy. It dispels negative energies and helps with rational decision-making. It is believed that meditation with Larvikite helps aid in past-life recall which may influence our present choices.

Lavender Rose Quartz

Lavender Rose Quartz gets its dark hue from an excess of manganese and titanium, which also enhances the healing attributes of this rare stone. It pushes you to accept all aspects of the world around and rise above the drama with an abundance of self-love. If you accept yourself wholly, nobody and nothing can stand in your way. 

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite

The healing energy of this stone stems from the peace-loving society of Lemuria and teaches us patience in all areas of our life. Connecting to your throat, soul star, and stellar gateway chakras, this special calcite connects you to the furthest reaches of our heavens, relaying important message from our spirit guides and gods. It reminds you to focus on changing your behavioral patterns to reach a higher form of self your next life.

Lemurian Seed Crystal

The ancient society of Lemuria buried the secrets of its prosperous civilization within the ground before the island on which the nation sat sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Only found in Brazil, these lined quartz points hold important messages, waiting to be deciphered, and may very well be the only hope for a peaceful future for our planet.

Leopardskin Jasper

Ever wish you could have a chat with your cat? Well, Leopardskin Jasper is the only crystal to actually strengthen the psychic bond you have with animals, allowing you to understand them at a deeper level. It also serves as a reminder to protect endangered species. 


If you’ve ever needed one crystal to just completely take away all of your stress, this is the one.  Lepidolite activates the chakras in charge of your emotions and helps bring them into balance. It also raises self-awareness, allowing you to think carefully before making rash decisions. 

Mahogany Obsidian

Life puts obstacles in our path to happiness. Mahogany obsidian helps us climb over those obstacles and keep going! The black obsidian helps deflect unwanted energy while the red iron-inclusions act as motivators, helping us to continue our journey forward, even when things seem hard. This stone can also be used as a woman-empowerment talisman. 


Malachite is a stone of embracing the transformation happening within you every day, and it is vital to let the past go to allow your best self to come forth. By activating the heart chakra with an intense force, malachite forces you to say “I learned a lot from that experience,” rather than hold on to grudges.

Malachite & Azurite

Both Malachite and Azurite force you to let go of the past, and together they amplify this energy into one that can help you recovery emotionally from your past grievances. If you are attracted to this mineral combination, it means you are ready to let go and move on.

Maligano Jasper

Maligano Jasper is a stone of letting go of the things that no longer serve you: people that don’t empower you, things that clutter your life, and feelings that weigh you down. Instead of dwelling in negative thought patterns, reach up and out of your funk to the light of possibility, discovery, and transformation. 

Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite is a crystal of self-love, especially at times when the past seems to haunt you. By activating your heart chakra, this lovely pink stone slowly and surely washes away past trauma, regret, and depression to lighten your load going forward. It is a stone for YOU, and will help you get rid of these negative feelings for good.

Mariam Jasper

Gaze into the swirling patterns of Mariam Jasper. This confusing maze is representative of human life. We all go on a crazy and wonderful journey with no clear path. This stone helps you to get organized and make your own path very clear in your mind, aiding you in realizing your goals in a strategic manner. 

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite blends the grounding stability of red jasper with the spiritual colors of mauve, cream, and yellow to help you form connections to the land around you. Every bit of Earth is sacred, and the energy from the ground is enhanced when Mookaite is around. Likewise, everyONE is sacred and Mookaite helps you accept all races, religions, sexes, and cultures. 


Think of your relationships with loved ones; who holds the power? The answer should be “We both do.” Morganite allows for an equal flow of loving energy and understanding to pass between you and your loved ones, creating a safe space for your bond to strengthen.

Moss Agate

This green stone resembles moss and thus has been designated as the talisman for gardeners. It helps relieve stiff necks and reenergizes tired souls. While helping your plants grow physically, this stone also helps your bank account grow. It is a crystal of success, richness, and long-life. Lastly, it is believed that moss agate helps increase the likelihood to find “treasure,” whether in finances or in friendship.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper comes from the northern shores of Madagascar and has a nurturing energy. This stone is telling you that it is okay to go slowly in life, and that there is no reason to stress about the pace in which  you are progressing in your endeavors; as long as you are taking it one step at a time. 


The ever-changing surface of the opal stone makes it a perfect companion to the scrying mystic. It is said to help make sense of confusing situations and lead the user on the path to the truth. Sometimes this path occurs in the subconscious or through telling visions. Either way, it is a stone of magic.


Opalite is a man-made stone with little natural healing powers. However, it can be used spiritually to promote peaceful transitions and gentle changes in your life. Held up to the sun, this glass-stone displays bright colors which may relax you and aid in breath support.

Optical Calcite

The vikings of old used this stone to find the sun while sailing since it reflects light so well, and because of this history we can also call it Iceland Spar. This clear stone aligns and cleanses all chakras in the same way as clear quartz, and magnifies the outcome of spiritual and meditational rituals. Clear calcite with rainbows is thought to invite strong, positive changes to a person’s life. 

Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine captures the same lucky vibes found in all Aventurines and directs it to your sacral chakra; your sexual energy center. By touching this stone to the skin just below the navel, you are giving in to the comfort and pleasure of human’s primal desire. As a stone of abundance, Orange Aventurine can also be programed with the intention of adding excitement to a relationship.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a confidence stone. When your sacral chakra is under-active, this stone allows you to express your true self and forge your path without fear. For those with an  over-active sacral chakra, this will stop you from sharing too much and relying on others’ approval for knowledge of your self-worth. 

Orange Jade

Imagine a big treasure chest of gold coins. It’s right in front of you but you just can’t seem to reach it! Orange Jade motivates you to put into action your ideas that bring about financial abundance. So, that next bright idea you have in your brain? Maybe it’s time to monetize your efforts and add some wealth to your life. 

Orca Agate

Orca agate blends the spiritual guidance of agate with the good will of chalcedony to form a soothing, healing stone that helps open up your throat chakra. As the center of communication in your body, this chakra helps you to better understand your feelings and find the strength to forgive yourself and others for past mistakes. 

Palm Root Stone

Palm root stone is a form of petrified wood exclusive to the Indonesian Islands. It has a strong connection to Mother Earth and imbues your body with her graceful and grounding energy. It can help you come to terms with the aging process by realizing we are all a part of something greater. 

Peach Moonstone

Imagine a turtle going into its shell for protection. This crystal brings all of your energy and care into the sacral chakra of the belly, increasing fertility of that space as well as soothing the body and mind to allow for optimal healing. It is called the Woman’s Stone because of its strong connection to the Divine Feminine. 

Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore is the heat-enhanced form of Bornite. Just as the dazzling peacock defies nature with its bright plumage, so does this mineral remind you that the world has much more magic than you can imagine. Meditation with this stone helps rid you of your preconceived notions of “truth” and allows your mind to be filled with the possibilities of “what if?”


Pearls have a rich tradition in many cultures as a symbol of beauty passed to humans by goddesses. It has a magical connection to the moon and should be worn and used during the night. Pearls can also be used in love rituals as well as to manifest wealth. 


Peridot is a crystal of abundance and often attracts financial and spiritual wealth. More excitingly, it is used as a communication crystal when reaching out to the fairies of the Earth: gnomes, trolls, and dwarves. These are the keepers of ancient Earth knowledge. A chat with one of them would be well worth it! 

Phantom (Garden) Quartz

 The phantoms inside of this quartz are comprised mainly of feldspar, epidote, hematite, and chlorite. It is this combination of minerals and the way they were formed that makes this crystal a perfect aid for transformation. Working with phantom quartz pushes you to let go of the past and reach a higher state of being..

Picasso Jasper

The lines of this crystal help us visualize links between ourselves and our friends.  You have a large, interconnected support system if you only reach out. These lines can also be used to help remind us that not everything is black and white; most things fall into a beautiful area of grey and thus should be dealt with gently.

Picture Jasper

Picture stone is famous for its earthy inclusions and Root Chakra healing. This grounding stone can be used to access the natural energy from within the Earth to assist you in grid-work. It is also a token of good luck for business owners and can be used in visualization exercises for artists.


Pietersite harnesses the power of your solar-plexus energy center and combines it with your third-eye intuitive prowess to allow you to see clearly what needs to be done. When the world is storming around you with nonsense and distractions, this stone is like a beam of light through the clouds, pointed at your goals.

Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst is a rare, crystalline pink quartz with a beautiful, soft energy. Amethysts naturally cleanse the auric field of any space, transmuting negativity into clean, pure energy. Pink amethyst does this while also cleansing the emotional baggage you carry with you. It helps you come to terms with who you are and to accept that fact. 

Pink Aragonite

Pink Aragonite is a crystal of peace and love. By activating your heart chakra, it calms your nerves and brings a balance to your unstable emotions. During times of stress, Pink Aragonite re-centers your spirit and grounds you. It is a beautiful crystal that makes a great meditation partner. 

Pink (Magenta) Fluorite

Your heart has taken some damage over the years. Imagine if you could fill in the gaps and mend the pieces of your aching heart, putting it back together to form a brand new, fresh, lively, and loving organ? Pink Fluorite is a doctor for your heart and can help you see a positive future for yourself and help you to trust others. 

Pink Kunzite

Pink kunzite has the highest vibration of all of the pink crystals. It is used as a powerful attractor to find a soulmate or as an energy booster between partners in a committed relationship. It helps you keep the spark alive in a relationship as well as appreciate the small things your partner does for you.  It can also help parent-child connections.

Pink Opal

We all hold grudges. We get treated unfairly by others and that mistreatment stays with us for years. It’s normal. Pink opal is here to tell you that it is time to let the past go. Forgive those terrible people and move on; you are only mistreating yourself by harboring negativity. And you are worth more than those negative emotions. 

Pink Tourmaline

  Looking for a a new love interest? Pink tourmaline is renowned for its high-vibrational loving energies, and for attracting love to you. It is an amazing crystal to have during times of transformation in your life, promoting peace and harmony within your heart chakra. It helps to build trust in relationships and create joy in your own life.

Pink Tourmaline in Quartz

Pink Tourmaline is renowned for its love-attracting vibrations, often spurring someone into action when it comes to finding new romance. Combined with the cleansing and pure Quartz mineral, this combination gets rid of your preconceived notions about what love is “supposed” to be and makes room for the possibility of the unexpected. 

Pink Tourmaline with Aquamarine in Quartz

This incredible combination of minerals brings together the healing energies of love, emotional balance, and purity to form the ultimate stone of romance. If you are in a relationship, this crystal brings fresh life to the party. If you are single, then Pink Tourmaline in Aquamarine & Quartz is used to find a brand new sense of love and appreciation for yourself. 

Pistachio Calcite

Pistachio Calcite is a heart-chakra balancer, but its healing energy is very different to Mangano Calcite; It is more focused on outward expressions of love and finding joy through friendship. This stone is a nice reminder to stay in touch with loved ones, and can help you appreciate the little things; the shining sun, the chirping birds, and the slight breeze.

Polychrome (Desert) Jasper

Polychrome Jasper is defined by its flowing bands and spots of bright colors. These busy patterns are representative of our lives as beings on this planet: complicated, beautiful, and ever-changing. This crystal is used when you are trying to relax into your complicated life and just take things one day at a time.


Prehnite is a heart-chakra-balancing stone with pure, calming energy within it. It is especially used to help those who have suffered trauma: past abuse, horrific losses, extreme public embarrassment. Prehnite gently guides the suffering back to having a sense of self, self-worth, and acceptance of what has happened. 

Purple Fluorite

     Purple fluorite is an impulse buyer’s worst nightmare. It has the annoying ability to connect your intuition with your logical mind, and can be used as a psychic-vision enhancer. It’s like someone snapping their fingers in your face to wake you up from a daydream. 


Pyrite has extremely shiny, reflective surfaces which act as defensive mirrors, bouncing negative energy right back to the sender. It sends its golden energy into your solar-plexus chakra, warming you from the inside and promoting self-confidence. This stone is also used to attract financial prosperity.

Que Sera Stone

Included in this stone are the minerals: quartz, calcite, magnetite, leucozene, clinozoisite, iron, and kaolinite. It can also be called “Llanite” if specifically found in Texas. This conglomerate helps energize all of your chakra centers and can be used to amplify clairaudient capabilities.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite carries the properties of grounding, compassion, self-confidence, intuition, emotional stability, balance, protection, removal of negative energy, and chakra balancing. These qualities make it valuable to have in every room of the home. It takes a lot of practice to master the use of this powerful crystal.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone serves as a calming stone during times when you are feeling a bit crazy and disorganized. It gets your thoughts together and helps you move from project to project with ease. This is also helpful when beginning new adventures; rainbow moonstone becomes a nurturing mother, always guiding you to greatness. 

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian brings you back to Earth and helps you realize what you need to do to be happy. It forces you to take control of your life, and cut out the things and the thought patterns keeping you from progressing. Place this crystal near a flame and gaze into the sheen; this will heighten the love you have for yourself. 

Rainbow Tourmaline

Rainbow tourmaline is simply a mixture of all of the colors of tourmaline. It combines the healing powers of each to help you master your tolerance levels when it comes to outside negativity and annoyances. Use the combination to remind yourself to stay powerful in the face of problems coming at you. 

Red Agate

    If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I really wish a Spartan warrior would stand here and just swat away all of these mosquitos for me,” then you’re in luck.  It is said that red agate not only protects and calms, but also acts as a natural insect repellant! That is why some people call the crystal “blood agate;” not because it is red, but because it is an advocate for the health and safety of the blood 

Red Goldstone

Although man-made, red goldstone can be used in visualization exercises to open your sacral chakra. This energy center is your sexual communication headquarters. This sparkling crystal reminds you to take pride in your sexuality and strut your stuff daily. 

Red Jasper

  Have you ever wished you could just leave everything behind and start fresh in a new life? Red jasper brings a grounding, protective energy to the present but also inspires you to let go of all of the baggage stressing you out. Out-of-touch friends, missed appointments, late fees… let them go. Stop holding on to thing that inspire guilt, shame, and anger. 

Red Moss Agate

Moss agate is a stone of wealth, friendship, and healthy plant life. The red coloring of this form of moss agate comes from an abundance of iron which formed millions of years ago during the oxidation process of the stone. This gives this gorgeous crystal properties of strength, courage, and heightened sexual and overall energy.

Red Plum Blossom Jade

Have you ever experienced the sensation of simply smelling a flower? You take a deep breath and your entire body seems recharged and calm. With its flower-like formations, it is a reminder to breathe deeply and to take the time to revitalize yourself. 


The Incas of Columbia believed that rhodochrosite was the solidified blood of their ancestors. This gives a deep meaning of familial bond to the crystal. Activating your heart chakra, rhodochrosite can be used to strengthen your bonds with family, pets, and loved ones. It brings a playfulness to lovers, especially useful in relationships that have become stagnant.


  Loud chewing, feet on the table, wiping hands on pants… these are all pet-peeves many of us have, and the list of annoying quirks is endless. Rhodonite helps us realize that others’ actions have nothing to do with us. Maybe it is our own expectations of that person which need to be lowered for a more harmonious relationship. 

Rose Calcite

Rose Calcite asks you one question: “Who is there for you?” Ask yourself this question and figure out who you can depend upon. These people make up your “tribe.” Just as they would take care of you, so you must also take care of and support them. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is very often mistaken for a “crystal of love,” when, in fact, it is a crystal of UNIVERSAL love. Its energy is soft and gentle, vibrating at a frequency which transmits loving energy between family and friends. Blessed by Venus, these pink crystals are stones of beauty and have been attributed to helping soothe irritated skin.

Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite balances your inner Earth and Fire elements. By controlling the opposite ends of the elemental spectrum, you learn to control your mood swings by tapping into whichever power is needed at the moment. Angry? Focus on the green zoisite. Unfocused? Meditate with the black hornblende. Lazy? Let the ruby light a fire under you.


Sardonyx is a mix of courageous Sard and protective Onyx. Together, these crystals make the perfect stone for anyone going into war, whether that be actual war or war in the everyday lifestyle; co-workers, family dysfunction, crazy traffic, etc. Keeping sardonyx with you allows you to tackle life’s challenges without fear. 

Selenite (Satin Spar)

Selenite is THE cleansing stone. Just take a big chunk of this beautiful stone and swipe it all around your body to seal in goodness and light. This is especially helpful when you don’t want your bad mood to affect others. After cleansing the home with sage, give a quick swipe with the selenite to lock in the good vibes.


Septarian is one of the oldest and most mysterious crystals existing in our world today. Incredibly under-appreciated, this stone holds the power of the ancients in the veins that appear on the exterior of the crystal. It helps you form the RIGHT connections with others and pushes you to fully understand life on this planet. 


Kundalini energy is a a powerful source of life which passes through all chakra centers. It is activated by the use of Serpentine; a fibrous crystal named after its reptilian appearance. Snakes are symbols of health. They shed their skins to make room for a brand new body. Use this stone to shed your baggage to make room for a more powerful version of yourself. 


Shungite is best known for its protection against electromagnetic frequencies emitted by your phone, computers, etc. However, this stone also protects you against negative emotions when talking with others! This allows you to feel confident when sharing your knowledge with people and can help create lasting friendships. 

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Silver Sheen Obsidian has a dual purpose. Firstly, it helps you find the power and wisdom in the aging process. Instead of getting stuck on the negative thoughts associated with aging, remember that you are learning and growing into a powerful being with each passing day. Secondly, this stone helps you better understand who you are as a person through scrying and reflection exercises. 

Smoky Citrine

Smoky Citrine combines entrepreneurial citrine with protective smoky to form a combination of properties fit to manage and balance your life in a healthy and productive way. Citrine attracts success, wealth, and happiness while smoky quartz gets rid of all of the nonsense the world throws at you. It’s an amazing combo for the active achiever and go-getter. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is helpful when life is just a bit too chaotic and we need to find our balance again. It dispels negative energy and electromagnetic radiation, and can be used to soak up bad vibes in any space. For those of us that get lost in the clouds, smoky quartz brings us back to reality. 

Snakeskin Jasper

Snakeskin Jasper is a calming stone, meant to guard against negativity. It increases the fluidity and grace of your movements, and can be a helpful comfort stone during times of worry and anxiety. Lastly, it helps you erase your negative outlooks in regards to the behavior of others. 

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian links the Earth’s memory of past events to your third-eye chakra center, helping you to recall your past lives. By trying to understand your soul’s eternal journey, you allow yourself to better understand your current life’s journey. Learn from the mistakes you have made and put those lessons to use in making this moment better than the last. 


Soapstone has been used for centuries in artwork across the world. It has a very calm energy and is often used to promote peace and kindness. A more obscure way to use soapstone? Try accessing alternate planes of existence while meditating. Soapstone ensures safe passage there and back.


Sphalerite has a magical habit of spreading clarity, light, and goodness wherever it ends up. When determining right vs wrong, good vs bad, unhealthy vs nourishing, there is no better guide than this sparkling stone. Try keeping a bit of Sphalerite in the kitchen to remind yourself to stick to your fitness goals.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz can be comprised of a mix of amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, and/or clear quartz. These minerals work together to form something beautiful and pass on the spirit of teamwork to your interactions. It’s a comforting stone that will help you find a peaceful balance in all areas of your life.


Stalactite is formed when one drop of water forms a calcite ring, then more drops form more rings connected to the first, and so on. Eventually you get a gorgeous hanging formation filled with knowledge of the Earth. It attracts high vibrations and positive energies.

Stilbite & Heulandite

Both of these minerals have the same elements within them and can be used for finding that light at the end of the tunnel. Mainly used to counteract the effects of a bad breakup, loss of a loved one, or general hardships, these stones help to gently soothe your emotions and nudge you forward with support and encouragement. 

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry quartz is a sparkling crystal that helps you find the sparkle within yourself. Its energy is one of unconditional love for yourself and others, and this love will help facilitate your interactions with those around you. If you are unsure of your life-path, strawberry quartz gently guides you forward.


This sunny stone allows you to balance work and play, reminding you to have fun during your time on this planet. Instead of stressing about the past, meditate in the morning and hold your crystal as the sun rises. Use this imagery as a way to focus on the present, living each day with a fresh mindset, unburdened by old problems and regrets. 

Super Seven

Super Seven is a crystal composed of 7 different minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz. This rare combination boosts the mental clarity you possess when trying to analyze your past lives in order to answer questions about what is happening to you now. 

Thousand Layer Lodolite

Imagine the layers within this stone to be a staircase to a higher state of consciousness, and an escape from your past, less-knowledgable self. This crystal boosts your spiritual learning and can be used as an amplifier in healing rituals. It can be used in manifesting your truest desires. 

Tiger's Eye

Tiger eye uses its chatoyancy as a mirror to deflect darkness back at the source. The bright sheen of the crystal is like a beacon of golden light, empowering you to rid yourself of negativity and raise your vibrations. It can be used as a stone of courage when facing challenges and it’s a great stone for boosting confidence, strength, self-worth, energy, and luck.

Titanium Aura

Titanium Aura is a form of electroplated quartz crystal. This combination of titanium and quartz helps to refocus energy into each of your chakra centers, revitalizing your body and soul. It can also be used to power up your other crystals and to create a vibrant, positive aura.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate is comprised of Silica, Chalcedony and Quartz. These minerals cleanse and heal with powerful, yet subtle, tactics. Much patience is needed to access the steady, calming energy of this stone but, just as a seed slowly grows into a mighty tree, so can you grow mentally and emotionally with time. 


When you are struggling to understand the reason WHY you are acting a certain way, Trolleite helps you discern the root of your emotions. By understanding yourself, you are able to release the negative traits keeping you from becoming your best self. High-vibrational, rare, and compatible with all zodiac signs, this stone is a special addition to any collection. 


Working with unakite will promote the confidence you have in yourself which, in turn, will allow you to be more intimate with others; you’ll finally feel comfortable enough to open up and share your deepest thoughts with friends without fear of judgement. It also promotes healthy pregnancies.

White Druzy Agate

Peace. Serenity. Tranquility. White Druzy Agate is a new stone from Indonesia which emanates these beautiful feelings. This purifying stone also reminds you to listen to your angel and spirit guides. What decisions can you make right now in order to live an honest life? 

White Jade

White jade helps you make decisions that are most beneficial to YOU. It is considered to be a “lucky stone” because the guidance it brings ultimately leads you towards a better life; however, it is simply your thoughtful decision-making that reaps the positive results. There is also a white light energy within this crystal that helps promote peace. 

White Onyx

Keeping white onyx nearby is like constantly having your favorite hot drink within arms reach, ready to be sipped. It relaxes and refreshes your mind and spirit, allowing you to function better. It can also be used in purifying rituals. Imagine white light piercing through your skull, cleaning every chakra on its way down. 

White Turquoise

Close your eyes and picture nothing but the color white. Emptiness. Just… nothing. That is the type of mind-resetting for which white turquoise is used. It can help calm you, relax your nerves, and open up your crown chakra to receive messages from the heavens. 

Yellow Agate

Yellow agate is an under-appreciated stone from India that has some useful healing attributes. It offers courage and confidence to the user, and can even help speed up digestion by inspiring you to be more active. I good mantra for this stone is “I am important. It’s all about me.” This can help those who give too much of themselves to others.

Yellow Calcite

 Pikachu is a super cute powerhouse of lightning quick speed and energy. He’s strong, determined, and the happiest, friendliest Pokemon around! Yellow Calcite brings out these qualities in YOU. By increasing the energy flow around your Solar-Plexus chakra, this happy crystal will give you all the Pika-Power you need!

Yellow Fluorite

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for our desire to jump into action. When combined with the heightened mental powers of fluorite, this combination becomes a direct link from chakra to brain, changing your thoughts to actions. This can be great if you tend to put off tasks and can’t seem to get off of the couch. 

Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline is the fanciest of the yellow crystals and brings with it an elegant, yet excitable, energy. For those looking for an extra boost of confidence or for a little mid-day pick-me-up, this crystal acts like a burst of sunshine, filling your body with vibrant light. It can also be used to attract sexual partners and to boost the life in the bedroom.

Yttrium (Lavender) Fluorite

Yttrium is a Rare Earth Element and is also the cause of the pale, pastel look to this unique form of fluorite. This crystal is like an understanding friend who holds your hand while you figure out what the heck you are feeling, thinking, and doing in life. It has a calm energy and can help people in stressful situations to feel comfortable opening up. 

Zebra Jasper

This fun-looking stone embodies the power of the Yin-Yang balance. The black silicate activates the root chakra, grounding you to the Earth. The white quartz activates the crown chakra to elevate the mind. Zebra Jasper is a perfect stone to use in any type of spiritual ritual to keep your body balanced. 

- Stephen Butler

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