Amethyst | Stone of the Insomniac

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Cat unable to sleep

Can't seem to take a cat nap?

Don't worry. You are one of many who can't seem to sleep properly each night. 

From the diagnosed insomniac to the tossing-turner, I am here to say that there IS a solution to your sleepy suffering, and it comes in the form of Amethyst. 

My Story

Bone fracture x-ray

I suffer from a lesser-known health issue called tendinosis. While we are all familiar with tendinITUS (the muscle pain commonly found in the forearms of athletes and musicians) we are probably not well-versed in the unusual form of muscle injury known as tendinosis. 

Tendinosis is a degeneration of tendon tissue, but may also involve some inflammation. Tendinosis is a chronic and long-term condition. Tendinitis is tendon pain caused by inflammation.  -

Basically, the muscles of my shoulders, lower back, and glutes are ripping apart constantly without ever being able to fully heal. I'm in the 20% of the diagnosed with zero chance of healing.

This pain is with me all day and all NIGHT. I'm constantly waking up to stretch, adjust my position... sometimes the pain is so great, I'll have to lie on the floor, awake, until my body succumbs to my fatigue. 

Then I discovered Amethyst. 

Why not take some NyQuil?

Doctor's didn't know what to do with me. All of them just told me to take some sleeping medication, like NyQuil, to help me stay asleep longer. 

Have you ever taken NyQuil? Yeah? Then you understand the horrendous grogginess that is felt the next morning. I'm a morning person. I'm jumping out of bed to get things done each day. So, a medication that physically and mentally incapacitates me each morning as one of its side-effects is NOT a long-term solution to this life-long problem. 

I also didn't want to be dependent on a drug for the rest of my life. I was more willing to fight through the pain until I found another solution. There is ALWAYS another solution. For me, it was Amethyst. 

Amethyst Vibration

All of the minerals on our planet have something called a "vibration number." This is the calculated energy emitted from the stone into the environment. Some have subtle, slow energies while others are quicker or more intense.

Amethyst has one of the lowest vibration numbers possible, yet, not so low that you don't feel the pulses from the crystal. With a vibration of only 3, amethyst sends clear, methodical signals to your brain. These signals tell your brain to relax by setting up a steady cadence within the subconscious. Like counting sheep, this repetitive rhythm easily slows the mind and brings your entire body under its sleeping spell. You'll feel heavy. You will drift off without realizing. 

Past Dreaming - Delta Waves

When you are fast asleep, the crystal will continue its energy pulsations, keeping you for the maximum amount of time in your delta waves. The delta wave cycle of sleep is the last step on your journey to restfulness. To get there, you pass through three other cycles: the alpha, theta, and spindle cycles. 

Sleep Waves Cycles Chart

Examples of these stages: 

Alpha Waves:

When you are watching a boring movie and your eyes start to feel heavy. 

When driving for hours and you feel the need to pull off to the side of the road for some rest. 

When someone really boring talks at you for so long, you actually stop listening and go into a trance-like state of nothingness. 

Theta Waves: 

You've justttttt fallen asleep but you can still hear the happenings around you. 

A light, daytime nap with the sun in your face. 

Your partner is restless in bed so you wake up every ten seconds. 


These are your dreams. It feels like you are deeply asleep but your mind is racing, shoving all of your subconscious thoughts into a motion picture in your head. You don't feel well-rested from this type of sleep, but you might have a good time!

Delta Waves: 

No dreams. You are essentially dead. Nothing will wake you. You will wake up eventually feeling ridiculously rested and energetic. 

Lying Crystal Gurus

Don't Lie face

If amethyst literally delivers the best night's sleep to you on a silver platter, why is it not a well-known aid for those suffering with midnight madness? 

Unfortunately, the lack of crystals in medicine has been brought about by BOTH the skeptical scientists AS WELL AS the over-the-top crystal healers who claim a piece of stone can cure cancer and Alzheimer's. You see, only very specific crystals heal the physical body through there vibrational waves. These crystals also only heal minor health issues. Scientists have every right to be skeptical of the healing powers of crystals. It is the responsibility of the CRYSTAL HEALERS to spread TRUTH about the Earth's stones. So many "crystal gurus" have promised so much from our minerals that people don't take it seriously. By spreading false narratives about some crystals, we lose the genuine blessings of others, such as amethyst for the sleep-deprived.

As someone who has made it this far in this informational blog post, make sure to call out those who are falsely representing our crystals with fanciful information. We are all connected on this planet. The harm brought about by one lie is felt by the entire crystal community as a whole. 

As always, thank you for reading! I'm sending positive vibes your way!

-Stephen Butler

Amethyst Details

  Chakra: Third-Eye

  Deities: Bacchus, Diana

  Element: Water

  Energy: Receptive

  Hardness: 7

  Planets: Jupiter, Neptune

  Vibration: 3

  Zodiac: Aquarius