Blue Goldstone ~ The Stone of Sparkling Convictions

Blue Goldstone ~ The Stone of Sparkling Convictions

Man at a forge
Yes. Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone. Let's just get that out in the open as fast as possible. However! It's a beautiful, galaxy-like material made from three naturally occurring minerals and the combination, even if it was put together by mankind's hands, makes for an incredible metaphysical kick in the butt. 

The Myth

Italian MonasteryLong ago, way back in the 1600's Italy, a group of monks were trapped away in their monastery, doing what monks do best: alchemy. Alchemy is like a potions class from Harry Potter with the intent of creating healing, altering, or magical substances. It's also the most annoying skill in which to level up in Skyrim. 
Apparently, some lucky monks discovered that the combination of three minerals created a beautiful stone that looked exactly like the night sky. These minerals were: 
  1. Quartz - The abundant and much-loved stone of clearing and cleansing.
  2. Copper - An easy-to-find and motivational mineral.
  3. Cobalt - A blue stone used to heal the throat. 
Having invented this beautiful new mineral, these monks decided to monetize this invention in the same way many religions, dating back to ancient Egyptian civilizations, have: by claiming something false to the unknowing yet trusting public. 
These monks claimed that they discovered Blue Goldstone naturally in the grounds near the monastery and that only monks had the power to find the stone. People, of course, then thought the stone to be of incredible religious value and started purchasing it directly from these lying monks. 
Not so long after, a wealthy Italian family, the Miotti family, decided to capitalize on this glittering invention and struck a deal with the monks. The details of this contract have been lost but the fact remains that the Miotti family built the first factory specializing in the production of Goldstone. It is here that some believe the story actually starts. Some think that a scientist accidentally dropped a bunch of quartz glitter into a vat of copper and, voilá, Goldstone. This version is trying to protect the religious institution, but, come on, we all know that religion has been a flawed system since day one. 

Man-made but... natural? 

Green Glass Bowl Art
Many crystals in use by the public today are man-made, or have additions to the original stone that counteract the purity of finding a true mineral specimen from the ground. Heat-treated amethyst being sold as citrine, green glass pieces of moldavite, coatings of gold, silver, titanium, and platinum on aura quartz... the list goes on and on. Some of these changes are just lies. Some of them? Enhancements. 
When it comes to what people call "fake" crystals, you have to use a discerning eye to tell the blatant lies (green glass moldavite) from the enhancements (aura coating). Think of Tony Stark and Stark Industries. He would NEVER make his body suit out of plastic. If he did, he would get pummeled by the enemy and his fire rockets would simply burn through the material and he would die. That is a LIE. On the other hand, adding motion sensor missiles to his gloves... well, that's an enhancement and only serves to better the already-existing suit. Not sure of the difference from time to time? Seriously, and I do really mean this, send me a message and I can help you. I've helped a ton of people avoid getting scammed, mainly by people selling fake citrine and fake moldavite. My email is and you can always reach me through messenger on Facebook or DMs on instagram. 

So, what's the natural part? 

Clear Quartz Cluster

Clear Quartz ~ Copper ~ Cobalt
These three minerals make up Blue Goldstone and they come straight from Mama Earth. Their metaphysical properties? 
  • Clear quartz is known as the "Stone of all Trades" because it can essentially do anything. It gets rid of negative energies in a space, inviting, instead, pure, clear vibrations. Like a crystal clear lake on the top of a snowy mountain. It can also magnify the effects of other minerals, like a big magnifying glass. 
  • Copper is best known for its use in the common U.S. penny. It is an electrical conductor and brings that same electrifying energy to your spiritual practices. Think of President Lincoln throwing lightning bolts at you. That's copper. 
  • Cobalt is found in the Earth's crust as a deep, blue mineral. It immediately gets to work on your throat chakra, allowing you to feel more comfortable saying what you need to say. Like a blue Jolly Rancher candy, it sweetens the words forming on your tongue and lets them flow freely into the world in all of their magical goodness. 
The combination of these three minerals makes Blue Goldstone a cleansing amplifier of energetic and confident speech. Thus, the "Stone of Sparkling Convictions." With Blue Goldstone on your team, you'll feel like you can take on the entire galaxy. It's a stone for and about YOU. Not your relationships, not your past, not your regrets or problems. Just you, and pushing you to be the best and to accomplish the most in life. 
As always, I truly hope this has helped you on your journey of crystal healing! All the best, 
~ Stephen Butler
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This is me having a beer at Hobbiton, New Zealand. #lotr


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