Pink Kunzite | Stone of Soulmates

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Lovers on a hillside
Would you rather have one million dollars or find your soulmate? 
I hope you chose the $1 million because your soulmate is right around the corner if Pink Kunzite has anything to say about it!

Pink Energy Magic

Pink Heart Magic street art

Pink Kunzite has the highest vibrational energy of all of the lovely pink crystals you will find. Sending out loving vibrations at the energetic level of 7, this crystal is like a love magnet, pulling in complementary energies to your auric field. 

While most heart-chakra crystals preach self-love and harmony, Pink Kunzite pushes you to explore the love waiting for you in the embrace of another. Its like an over-confident bestie trying to live vicariously through you, always telling you what dates you should go on while never going on any herself. 

Pink Kunzite is your ally! It's a confident-boosting, in-the-bra type of stone that will empower you to make bold choices, whether in choosing a lover or talking to your boss. It's like a brand new set of sexy underwear that don't make you feel fat. There are so many similes, I could go on all day about the confidence-boosting nature of this stone.

I'm taken...

Sexy woman in pink bra and panties

Have a significant lover and feeling a bit left out of this conversation? Don't worry. Pink Kunzite translates that same confident, sexual energy to your current relationship! Place the stone in the bedroom for a little, sexual pick-me-up. Pink Kunzite helps prevent a relationship from going stale. When you see this lovely crystal by your bed, let it serve as a reminder to take time to be playful with your partner! Try playing a sex game or put on some revealing clothes for your lover. There is no shame in experimenting with someone you love and trust.


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Lastly, Pink Kunzite reminds you to appreciate the little things others do for you. If your best friend buys you a coffee, or your partner washes the dishes, or a family member remembers your birthday; these are all acts of kindness which should be cherished. We often overlook the small things. Keeping Pink Kunzite in a prominent location can remind you to give thanks. 

And now, I shall give thanks to YOU for taking the time to read this blog post. Hopefully, it has given you some insight into the lively Pink Kunzite crystal!

-Stephen Butler

Pink Kunzite Details
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Deity: Aphrodite
  • Element: Earth
  • Energy: Projective
  • Hardness: 6.5 - 7
  • Planet: Venus
  • Vibration: 7
  • Zodiac: Unspecified