Rhodonite | Stone of Lowered Expectations

Rhodonite | Stone of Lowered Expectations

Annoyed Man holding his temples
Feeling annoyed? 
I think we all feel like this at times.

Pet Peeves

I could probably list twenty or more small things that bother me, aka,  my pet peeves. Just off of the top of my head? 

1. Bare feet on table tops

2. Crystal shops that overprice

3. The bullet item in Mario Kart

4. Chewing with the mouth open

5. Double-dipping

Now, as annoying as some of these may be, (and I'm sure you have your own list that could easily rival mine) I can't change certain things. 

There comes a point in life when you realize you are not in control of everything. This includes the actions of others. 

Slap in the face

Friend slapping friend in face

Rhodonite is here to slap you. Yep. This crystal is strong-willed and ready to fix your intolerance. 

Pink crystals, in general, are associated with the heart chakra. Rhodonite is no exception with its deep hues. This stone plants itself deep into your heart and plants a seed of growth within you. This seed will grow, expand, and push you past your limits of comfortability. This process is needed if you are trying to fully accept others as they are. An openness. An understanding. A wide-open heart that allows others to behave as they please and for you to look past the small annoyances to see the bigger picture of who they truly are. 

Your standards are YOUR standards

Speed Limit Sign 55

As I write this, I am thinking of things that annoy me about some close friends of mine, and I'm realizing this one, MAJOR theme: 

"People are NOT only their actions; there is much more inside of a person that is not shown through small (annoying) habits." 

Just writing this is making me laugh at how high I've placed my personal standards on those around me. 

I believe that there is a balance. You have to have a set of standards in order to be happy with your own life, including those whom you allow in it. However, if you push those standards through the roof, you ain't gonna have no friends. 

On the opposite side, it is OKAY to set limits. If your friend has a nasty habit of dealing drugs, well, then it is okay to cut that out of your life for your own well-being. 

Acceptance is Key

Friendship of three girls

At the end of the day, we each decide who we want to be and we can accept each other or not. Rhodonite is just a reminder to remember that we are all human. Nobody is perfect. We all do things that will annoy someone else along the way. Lowering your expectations of others can actually be a beneficial practice in finding and maintaining happiness. 

I'm still working on this one myself! All of my love (and luck!),

-Stephen Butler

Rhodonite Details
  • Chakra: Heart

  • Deity: Mars

  • Element: Fire

  • Energy: Projective

  • Hardness: 5.5 - 6

  • Planet: Mars

  • Vibration: 9

  • Zodiac: Unspecified


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