How Do I Know Which Crystal Is Right For Me?

It can be daunting trying to find the perfect crystal for your mood, your home, your lifestyle, or your healing practices. Maybe all of the aspects in your life overlap and clash with each other like a tie-dyed pair of jeans rather than a beautifully organized rainbow. And that’s okay! Here’s a small guide to help you feel more confident in your decision making process. 

1. First things first: relax. Take a breath. Choosing a crystal should’ve an enjoyable experience so don’t think too hard about it! 

2. Intuition - It is very common to hear crystal sellers and collectors say “Let the crystal choose you.” And they’re not wrong! The crystal themselves have stronger intuitions than we do and will call you to them at the correct times. You might look at that green opal today and say “No way, that’s not for me,” and then five years down the line WONDER why it suddenly looks so beautiful. That is the magic of crystals. So, let the crystal choose you. 

3. Astrological sign - It helps to have a spiritual background. People who already have a strong belief in the spiritual and metaphysical realms will find it much easier to attach themselves to a crystal’s energy. If this doesn’t sound like you, we suggest simply taking the time to align yourself with and learn about your astrological sign! The Zodiac has a strong connection with crystals, and each crystal will pair with one or more signs. So, if you are a more logical thinker, it will make the most sense to simply choose a crystal that matches your Zodiac sign. 

*Fun fact: Stephen is an Aries which means he thinks in this logical manner quite often! On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ivan is a Libra which means he constantly balances the pros and cons of everything making it almost impossible to make decisions. But somehow, we’ve managed to find our favorite crystals along the way!*

 4. Crystal resonating with a Chakra -