Animal Crossing Characters!

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Let’s build your village! 🥰 These characters are all custom carved, uniquely designed for our shop only. No other crystal shop has these carvings 💕 

With the highest quality Animal Crossing carvings on the market, we often sell out of the characters! If the character you want is sold out, feel free to send us a message on Instagram @gemspritecrystals letting us know. As soon as a character sells out, we order another batch which takes about three weeks to be carved and shipped to us 💕

Don’t see the character you want? Send us a message  we are always open to requests 🥳

Have fun, Villager! 🥰

Size: ~ 6x4cm

Crystal Types:

Isabelle - Yellow Calcite

Rover - Blue Aventurine

Tom Nook - Tiger Eye

Reese - Pink Opalite

Cyrus - Blue Opalite

Judy - Aura Quartz

 Merengue - Pink Opalite

Leif - Sandstone Jasper

Saharah - Sandstone Jasper

Lily - Green Aventurine

Sherb - Blue Opalite

Villager Boy - Strawberry Quartz

Villager Girl - Rose Quartz

K.K. Slider - Howlite

Blathers - Tiger Eye 

Celeste - Strawberry Quartz