Baby Agate Fish

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"Blurbblbr Slurbb Blrblub" what these fish are calling themselves. 



These adorable fishy babes have a drilled hole for a mouth. Making a pendant out of one of them would be a splashing idea. 

One fish of the color you select will be chosen intuitively by either Stephen or Ivan <3

Green Agate

  Stone of the Earth Mother

  Chakras: Root, Heart

  Deity: Aesculapius

  Element: Earth

  Energy: Receptive

  Hardness: 6-7

  Planets: Mercury

  Vibration: 7

  Zodiac: Gemini

Red Agate

  Stone of the Blood

  Chakras: Root

  Deities: Aurora

  Element: Fire

  Energy: Projective

  Hardness: 6.5-7

  Planets: Mercury

  Vibration: 7

  Zodiac: Capricorn