Blue Aura Chalcedony Plates

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This listing is for ONE Blue Aura Chalcedony Plate 🌈

"Shattered Fragments of the Armored Mermaid" 

Lying broken on the lifeless seabed of the deepest cavern of the ocean is the Armored Mermaid. The guardian of the vast and ever changing oceans, she spent an immortal lifetime enforcing goodness and peace. Her immense amount of power and influence came from her reinforced mermaid tail which she used as a weapon against evildoers. One day, Poseidon ordered her to defeat the ever-offended and easily-angered Kraken. Fearing nothing, the Armored Mermaid dove into action, relentlessly attacking the giant beast. Nothing could stop the strength of her plated tail. 

Until a strange, otherworldly spirit floated towards her. White with red strings and a pungent artificial odor, this ghostly form wrapped around the tail of the Armored Mermaid, twisting and knotting her weapon into submission. 

The Kraken seized this opportunity to finish off his biggest rival for good. 

They say that the white ghost, to this day, clings fast to the bones of the Armored Mermaid's tail. 

Blue Aura Chalcedony is the stone of the speaker. It encourages you to stand up for what is right and to join causes for the betterment of our world. Keep one of these plates with you to allow your passion for your cause to flow freely. Be your own Armored Mermaid. 

Size: 1"+

Weight:  .5 oz +

Intuitively chosen ✨


Blue Aura Chalcedony

  Stone of the Speaker

  Chakras: Throat, Third-Eye

  Deities: Whope, Clota

  Element: Water, Air

  Energy: Receptive

  Hardness: 6.5-7

  Planets: Venus

  Vibration: 9

  Zodiac: Libra, Cancer, Aquar.