Pink Amethyst Elephant

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Stone of Grace

Pink amethyst is a rare, crystalline pink quartz with a beautiful, soft energy. Amethysts naturally cleanse the auric field of any space, transmuting negativity into clean, pure energy. Pink amethyst does this while also cleansing the emotional baggage you carry with you. It helps you come to terms with who you are and to accept that fact.

Elephants are kind, intelligent creatures who look after their family and travel in groups. Pink Amethyst is a stone of love and friendship. Its calm and discreet sparkle gives off a calm energy and helps you prioritize human understanding over human judgement. 💖

This listing is for the Pink Amethyst Elephant shown in the photos 🐘 

Size: ~ 7.1 x 5”

 Weight: 1.867 lbs