Selenite Palm Stones

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Did you know that Selenite has been said to activate an ancient pineal gland in the human body; an energy center responsible for increasing our awareness of psychic powers? The ancient Egyptians carved hieroglyphs of this sacred gland because of its importance in what we assume to be their communication with other realms in space! We do our best in this day and age to find a similar psychic awareness in whatever capacity we can with the help of crystals like selenite 🪐

This listing is for ONE Selenite Palm Stone 🤍

Size: 2 x 1.3”

Intuitively chosen ✨ 

Note: These are technically Satin Spar. Both Satin Spar and Selenite are essentially the same thing; varieties of the mineral Gypsum. The only difference is in the structure! Satin Spar is soft (what we typically see for sale) and Selenite is harder (resembling thin, transparent quartz).